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“Intertwined,” Sun, May 26

I’m anxious to hear my play “Intertwined,” commissioned by The Vagrancy in Los Angeles, read for the first time at the Blossoming reading series on Sunday, May 26th.

This piece is thoughtfully directed by Gleason Bauer, and played by Intae Kim, Bree Wernicke, Eddie Mui, Elaine Kao, Paul Mackley, and Tamar Fortgang, with stage directions read by Megan DeHart.

Please join us at the Lyric Hyperion Theatre & Cafe in Silverlake in Los Angeles. Admission is pay-what-you-want. Stay until 6:30pm for a new play, “Molly,” about MDMA by Howard Ho!

See Ya Later, Creede!

Me and my cast for a closed reading of “Sweet, Sweet Revolution” at the National Winter Playwrights’ Retreat with HBMG Foundation.

This year, I was invited to return to the HBMG Foundation‘s National Winter Playwrights’ Retreat for the Fifth Anniversary reunion where I played (a version of) hockey on a frozen pond, ate at Arp’s a lot, and had a closed developmental reading of my full length play, “Sweet, Sweet Revolution.”

Co-op 1 for NWPR 2019!

Many thanks to Ann Pittman Zarate and Manuel Zarate for hosting as well as to all of the artists who participated in the retreat as well as this incredibly helpful reading, including Amanda J. Bermudez, Joshua Bermudez, Liz Engelman, Patrick Gabridge, Kate Brennan, Annie Butler, and Alice Stanley.

“How Touching” Recorded for the American Playbook

Recording “How Touching”

This winter, the HBMG Foundation invited me to include a second play in their American Playbook project. “How Touching” was originally commissioned by the Playwrights Foundation for their One-Minute Play Festival, and I updated this piece for the American Playbook.

Many thanks to Ann Pittman Zarate, Kate Brennan, Greg DeCandia, Amanda Bermudez, and Joshua Bermudez for reading and recording this important piece about consent and children.

“Spilled Milk” at Trap Street

I was privileged to get to develop my short film “Spilled Milk,” a romantic story inspired by true events, with Trap Street on November 17th.
This piece was read by Chad Eschman, Thi Nguyen, Luke Rampersad, Faith D’Amato, Katie Pelensky, Anne Berkowitz, Paul Whestone, Toni Maddocks, and Kimberly Alexander.
It was also a great opportunity connect with other Carnegie Mellon University Dramatic Writing alums, including Kate Mickere, Julianne Jigour (Trap Street Director of Development), and Dan Hirsch (whose play “Sisyphi” was also featured).

The Vagrancy’s Playwrights’ Group

In September, my play concept “Intertwined”  was accepted as a commission for The Vagrancy’s 2018-2019 Playwrights’ Group which will lead to a staged performance on Sunday, May 26, 2019 during The Blossoming new play development series. All of the plays have been inspired by the theme of “true crime,” and my piece explores anti-miscegenation laws and how they particularly impacted Chinese people living in the United States.

During this project, I met twice a month with other fantastic participants, including poet librecht baker, composer and writer Howard Ho, (check out his Hamilton series on YouTube!), writer Kate Mickere, actor and writer Ilana Turner, and writer and director Katherine Vondy to read new pages and receive and offer feedback.

Please join me at the Lyric Hyperion Theatre in Silverlake on Sunday, May 26 at 3:30pm. Admission is pay-what-you-want and supports new play development in Los Angeles.

Speaking Engagement at CMU

Dr. Vera Donnenberg, Tracy Held Potter, Dr. John Stolz

I was honored to be welcomed back to the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama to speak about my experiences writing two science-inspired screenplays with the support of the Sloan Foundation. My feature “Science Fair the Musical” won an Alfred P. Sloan Screenwriting award in 2014 with the scientific advisement of Dr. John Stolz from Duquense University. The following year, I got to collaborate with Dr. Vera Donnenberg from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine to develop an action comedy television pilot.

HBMG Foundation Reading in Austin!

HMBG Foundation Reading, Austin, TX: performed by (left to right): Tyler Jones, playwright Amina McIntyreKelsey SmithAnn Pittman Zarate (and Baby Z!), Tracy Held Potter (playwright), Michael Reyna.

On Saturday, April 7, 2018, HBMG Foundation hosting a live reading and audio recording of my drama “Plastic Nest” that had previously been developed at their National Winter Playwrights Retreat. Although I had been developing this piece for three years, this reading allowed me to hear something that hadn’t come across before and now I’m rewriting the first act to strengthen the male lead.

Thanks to Trinity Street Players for hosting and to Ann and Manuel for making this possible!

HBMG Foundation’s National Winter Playwrights Retreat

HBMG Foundation Cast for "Plastic Nest" Reading

Paula Marchiel, Manuel Zarate, Zoe, Damon Guerrasio, Ann Pittman Zarate, Tracy Held Potter

I was honored to be invited to participate in the HBMG Foundation‘s National Winter Playwrights Retreat over the new year. In addition to developing my stage drama “Plastic Nest” with a reading by skilled actors, I was able to connect with other writers including Ali Skye Bennet,  Alice Stanley Georgette Kelly, Jelisa Jay Robinson, Jordan Ramirez Puckett, Lauren Ferebee, Patrick Gabridge, and theater artists including Kate Brennan (of the Brennan Check-In), Nan Barnett (National New Play Network and New Play Exchange), Liz Engelman (University of Texas in Austin, Tofte Lake Center), and actor Damon Guerrasio.

In addition to getting acquainted with the beautiful mountain town of Creede, CO, I managed to make new discovers about my script, had the opportunity to skate on a frozen pond, and enjoyed hearing the work of the other artists participating in this program. After attending my first writer’s retreat, I’m now craving more. Thank you so much to Ann, Manuel, and Paula for hosting this incredible experience.

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