Do you need help refining your script or your legal brief? Are you about to launch a fundraising program and need support? I may be able to help.

I offer consulting in Script Feedback, Writing Coaching, and Fundraising with specialties in Crowdfunding and Grant Writing.

Script Feedback

As the former Executive Director and Scene Night moderator for Play Cafe, and as a graduate of the Carnegie Mellon University Dramatic Writing MFA program with Rob Handel and Melissa Martin, I have learned how to give feedback that is useful to you and your vision.

As a reader, my strengths are tracking the rules of your world, understanding why your characters are making their decisions, and identifying the message that you’re trying to convey. My notes are centered around how you can convey your message using your style and retaining your voice. I offer direct, nonjudgmental feedback that is meant to help you see how your work is coming across to others, and, if requested, I can offer strategies for troubleshooting inconsistencies and other storytelling obstacles.

Engaging and relatable worlds include characters who say and do inappropriate things; the challenge is making sure that you’re not accidentally telling a story that suggests you promote those things. I can help flag potentially problematic content to see if it’s something you’re concerned enough about to address. I have lots of strategies for addressing inclusion–including how to effectively retain offensive characters–and am happy to help strengthen these aspects of your story.

Writing Coaching

If you’re looking for additional support and guidance with writing skills, I offer writing coaching for playwrights, screenwriters, grant writers, and even attorneys. I have tutored children as young as pre-K through elementary, middle, and high school. I have taught writing to adults as a university instructor and as a private tutor and coach.


In addition to writing for the stage and screen, I have an extensive background in fundraising and marketing and I offer consulting to develop effective fundraising strategies. My specialties include grant writing, crowdfunding, and direct solicitation. I’ve helped raised over $600,000 for arts organizations and artists through crowdfunding (over $100,000 as the lead strategist) as well as over $1 million for nonprofit arts, education, and environmental and science organizations through grant writing. 

On average, my crowdfunding projects raise 15% above goal and my clients typically raise 4% above goal (with one notable exception that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars above goal). I have years of experience producing independent theater and film and understand the needs, expectations, and pressures that indie producers face, particularly when it comes to fundraising.

In addition, I have written grant proposals for nonprofit theater companies, educational programs, and scientific research proposals. I also have a background in conservation science and research that allows me to interpret science projects for funders and the community at large. As a grant writer, I am particularly skilled at organizing complex proposals that require contributions from multiple partners and stakeholders, including university researchers and government agencies.

Few things make me happier than helping other people fund their work, and few things make me cringe more than watching an awesome project fail to meet its goal because of poor planning.

I offer private consulting as well as group workshops. Please contact me for more information.