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Month: January 2019

See Ya Later, Creede!

Me and my cast for a closed reading of “Sweet, Sweet Revolution” at the National Winter Playwrights’ Retreat with HBMG Foundation.

This year, I was invited to return to the HBMG Foundation‘s National Winter Playwrights’ Retreat for the Fifth Anniversary reunion where I played (a version of) hockey on a frozen pond, ate at Arp’s a lot, and had a closed developmental reading of my full length play, “Sweet, Sweet Revolution.”

Co-op 1 for NWPR 2019!

Many thanks to Ann Pittman Zarate and Manuel Zarate for hosting as well as to all of the artists who participated in the retreat as well as this incredibly helpful reading, including Amanda J. Bermudez, Joshua Bermudez, Liz Engelman, Patrick Gabridge, Kate Brennan, Annie Butler, and Alice Stanley.

“How Touching” Recorded for the American Playbook

Recording “How Touching”

This winter, the HBMG Foundation invited me to include a second play in their American Playbook project. “How Touching” was originally commissioned by the Playwrights Foundation for their One-Minute Play Festival, and I updated this piece for the American Playbook.

Many thanks to Ann Pittman Zarate, Kate Brennan, Greg DeCandia, Amanda Bermudez, and Joshua Bermudez for reading and recording this important piece about consent and children.

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