I’m currently working on a fun web series called Merritt Squad! that I co-wrote with Bay Area writer/director Colin Johnson.  Around Thanksgiving 2013, Colin and I talked about putting together a web series and we got really excited about the idea of a monster living in Lake Merritt, so over the next few months we started writing and quickly assembled an amazing team of actors to help us put the story to film.

We started filming in the summer of 2014 and raised $4,000 from almost 100 backers on Kickstarter. With this modest budget, we figured out how to make the most out of a tiny 1-3 person crew and free locations. Trailers of early footage from the process are posted on the Kickstarter page.


We launched the pilot episode on Tuesday, March 10 on the Merritt Squad YouTube page, where you can see the entire 8-episode season!

About Merritt Squad!

If you thought Scooby-Doo was great, then you’ll love Merritt Squad! This comedy web series is being filmed in Oakland and Berkeley and follows a lovable team of inept urban detectives as they try to find the protagonist’s missing fiancé and uncover the mystery of the Lake Merritt Monster.

Written by Tracy Held Potter and Colin Johnson, this eight-episode series features Ally (Maura Halloran), an aggressive Berkeley activist, Boxer (Peter Townley), a slightly dopey yet lovable guy who loves buying stuff from big box stores, Shiloh (Carina Salazar), a foodie/techie who wouldn’t be caught dead without her ClearGlass Goggles, and Vinny (Vince Faso), the team’s trodden-upon manager/lackey.

Produced by Battle Stache Studios.