As a self-actualized person, I have brought a number of my own projects to fruition, but let’s face it: I’d rather someone else make them! If you are looking for a piece of dramatic writing to produce or perform, please consider one of the following projects:

Screenplay Feature, Musical, Family Friendly, Large Cast, Diverse

This feature screenplay musical won an Alfred P. Sloan award at Carnegie Mellon University. Excerpts of this piece have been performed multiple times by Musical Cafe, to the delight of myself, my composer Phil Surtees, performers, and audiences. I am collaborating with a producer to finalize our investor packet. I have also been advised to adapt this piece into a musical, which I would be happy to do with financial support.

Stage Play, Full Length, Drama, 2W/2M

I wrote this stage play as a way of processing my divorce–which is an excellent emotional exercise, but a challenging writing exercise. A year or so after putting this up as a workshop performance for my Dramatic Writing MFA program at Carnegie Mellon University, I was able to dive back in and turn it into a moving piece of theater. I have had opportunities to further develop this piece through the HBMG Foundation’s National Winter Playwrights’ Retreat and through The Reading Series in Los Angeles. Excerpts have been recorded for The American Playbook and it was a semi-finalist for the San Francisco Playwrights’ Foundation’s Bay Area Playwrights Festival.

Stage Play, Full Length, Drama, Large Cast, Diverse